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Product Details

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2020 Petit Verdot

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Size: 750 ml

Upon opening the bottle, a bouquet of aromas burst forth - the ripe fruits of black cherry, blackberry, and blueberries immediately wafting towards the senses. As one inhales further, they are met with the delightful scent of violets and gardenias, underscored with hints of eucalyptus and sandalwood, all mingling harmoniously with an herbal scent comprised of thyme, oregano, and rosemary. A dash of pepper adds some spicy heat while the gentle aroma of tea adds an elegant touch, all punctuated with notes of baking spices and vanilla.


Upon sipping the wine, the flavors on the palate do not disappoint. Black cherry, blackberry, and blueberries dance together with perfect balance, intertwined with good acidity that accentuates each flavor, making for an incredibly delicious experience. The finish is long and driven by black fruits and acidity - each sip begs for the next. The balance between the acidity and sweetness of the fruit is remarkable, providing the perfect amount of complexity and satisfaction.

Varietal: Petit Verdot

Vintage: 2020

Wine Type: Red

Appellation: Livermore Valley