McGrail Wine Club FAQ

Shipments & Customization

When are shipments scheduled?

Quarterly Club: February, May, August, and November
Annual Club: September

What is in my next shipment?

Club shipments vary as we offer the newest releases to members first

Can I customize my shipment?
Yes, we have a great selection of options to offer for customization for our Quarterly Club!

How do I customize my order?

10 days before cards are charged, we will send an email letting you know that the customization window is open. You may choose from the wines offered. If you are picking up your wine at the Tasting Room, you may request to exchange at the time of pick up for greater or equal value.

Can I skip a shipment?

You may skip a shipment once, however, a continuation of regular shipments is required to maintain membership. When you skip a shipment, your in-person member benefits are placed on-hold.

How do I change to a different wine preference or club level?

Reach out to or 925-215-0717

When will you charge my credit card?

Please see your club email for more details prior to each shipment

What is the term of my membership?

At least a year, but we hope that you will continue your membership for years to come!

Is there a minimum purchase?

The minimum purchase to maintain club status, is the four automatic club shipments per year, these can be customized to the wines you want each quarter

Is there a cost to join?

Only the cost of the wine purchased within your membership parameters

I want to add some more wines to my shipment. How can I do that?

Within the customization window, you may adjust online, or reach out to  or 925-215-0717

Can I set a preference for only certain wines?

You are always welcome to modify your club shipments within the 10 day selection window. We encourage you to login to your account and make any changes accordingly. Should you need assistance, please email or 925-215-0717.

What happens if my credit card is declined?

You will not receive your club shipment. If you have more than two declined orders under your membership in a row, we will cancel the membership

How can I notify you of an updated credit card?

You may update online, or contact us at or 925-215-0717

How much are shipments?

Prices vary based on releases in each shipment

Can I belong to more than one club?


Can I purchase a membership for someone else?

We love gift memberships — reach out to or 925-215-0717to set up the gift membership.

Can I share a membership with my BFF/Neighbor/Sister/Mother/Aunt?

Unfortunately, memberships are not meant to be shared, but wine is!

Can I pay for a year (or months) in advance?

We are unable to accept advanced payment for club shipments

If I purchase a case of wine today, will that count as my year’s commitment?

No, automatic shipments are required to maintain membership status

Do you offer Library wines?

Keep your eye on your inbox for special library releases throughout the year!

Can you send notification emails to my husband/wife/partner too?

Feel free to add another email for notifications about your membership. You may do this by signing in online and adding it to your profile or emailing

Member Benefits

Does my partner also get membership benefits? Do they count as a guest for tastings and events?

Your partner is also a member and does count as a guest when visiting

How many guests can I bring to events?

4 complimentary tickets are included with your membership to Wine Club pick up parties. Special pricing is offered on 4 tickets to most of our events. Our Wine Club Appreciation Party is limited to 2 total people.

How many complimentary tastings do I get?

Up to 4 total tastings, 1 per individual, per visit are included with your membership

Can my guest and I have two complementary flights?

After the one complimentary tasting per guest (up to 4), you may purchase a glass of wine or bottle of wine at a member-discounted price

How often can I come in?

We welcome you as often as you can make it in, complementary tasting is limited to one visit per day! We update our tasting menu once a month, so it’s great to try all of the wines monthly!

Can I share my discount with my guests?

Discounts are not meant to be shared, and any purchases should be charged to the member’s card if discounts are applied

Can my guests use my membership without me being present?

Member must be present for benefits to be valid, but encourage your friends to join and ask about our referral program!

What are my discounts?

Wine discounts start at 15% but depending on which club you join you may get up to 25% off.

Pick-Up Members

How long will you hold my pick-up order before shipping?

Due to storage constraints at the winery, wine club releases are required to be picked up within 90 days. If your wine release is not picked up within 90 days, the wines will be carefully packed and shipped to the shipping address on file for an additional charge. If the wine is returned to us as undeliverable, we will contact you via email to reschedule delivery. If we are unable to reach you and do not hear back from you within 14 days from the point of the shipping attempt, the wine will be marked as ‘never claimed’ and your wine will be considered your wine abandoned and there will be no refunds.

How do I know when pickups are ready?

We will send an order confirmation email to let you know the date your shipment is available to pick up.

What if I’m unable to pick up my wine?

Reach out to or 925-215-0717 and we will be happy to make accommodations for you or package and ship your wine to you. 

Shipping Questions

How much is shipping?

Shipping is calculated from UPS and passed along on your invoice. If you add additional bottles or fill a 12-pack shipping is dropped to $10.

Can you ship to my state?

States we can ship to are AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, ID, IL, MA, MI, MN, MO, NJ, NV, NY, NC, OH, OR, TX, VA, and WA.

Can I re-direct a shipment as a gift to someone else?

Yes, you can! It will need to be done before we charge for the release. Please reach out to or 925-215-0717.

What happens if I miss my delivery?

You may reach out to the carrier to arrange for your order to be held at a pickup location local to your area.

How do I change my ship to address? (one time and ongoing)

Please login to your membership details online and change under your profile (see below). If you experience any difficulty, feel free to reach out to or 925-215-0717.

How do I know when my shipment is coming?

We will send an order confirmation email to let you know the date your shipment is shipping

Can I set a specific date or time for delivery?

Carriers are unable to guarantee a specific date or time for delivery, however we are happy to adjust your shipping date to accommodate for travel plans

My state is very hot/cold, I’m concerned about my shipment being shipped

We watch the weather for extreme hot or cold and will wait to ship until conditions are favorable for wine travel.

Can I ship out of country?

We do not currently ship internationally  


How do I cancel my membership?

Please send an email to and our wine club manager will process your cancellation request.

How much is the cancellation fee?

If you have fulfilled your 1 year commitment, there is no cancellation fee. If you cancel prior to the 1 year commitment, you will be charged for any discounts and complimentary tastings you received.

What if I have wine left to pick up?

At the time of cancellation, any past club releases on property will be shipped that day for an additional charge. If you prefer to pick up your wines, arrangements must be made within 14 days of cancellation. If wine is left on property past 14 days, we will consider your wine abandoned and there will be no refunds.