General Trivia

50 general knowledge questions and answers for Americans

Q1: St. Patrick’s Day celebrates what cultural heritage?

A: Irish 

Q2: What makes up 50-70 percent of a whale’s weight?

A: Blubber

Q3: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first two men in the entire world to do what? 

A: Walk on the moon

Q4: The first Thanksgiving was celebrated by Native Americans and what other group of people?

A: Pilgrims

Q5: In U.S. currency, a quarter equals 25 pennies. In time measurements, how many minutes are in a quarter of an hour?

A: 15

Q6: Who was George H. W. Bush’s Vice President?

A: Dan Quayle 

Q7: What type of feather, beginning with letter Q, did people write with during the Middle Ages? 

A: Quill

Q8: How many nouns are in the following sentence? “The rabbit ran into the cafeteria and ate a big salad.”

A: Three

Q9: Which Soviet dictator’s 1953 death set off a major struggle for national control?

A: Josef Stalin 

Q10: What unit of measurement is abbreviated “oz”? 

A: Ounces

Q11: What American, chocolate-flavored, chewy candy has been around for over 100 years?

A: Tootsie Roll

Q12: With which fellow painter did Salvador Dali become friends while in Paris?

A: Pablo Picasso

Q13: What makes up most of the dust particles found inside a house?

A: Dead skin

Q14: From which country did Mexico gain its independence in the 19th century?

A: Spain

Q15: Which of the following is a member of the woodwind family: violin, saxophone, OR trumpet?

A: Saxophone

Q16: If Marcos is measuring a table with a ruler, which of the following will he not be able to measure: table’s length, the table’s height, or the table’s weight?

A: The table’s weight

Q17: In the Old Testament of the Bible, on what day did God rest from His work?

A: Seventh 

Q18: What is the splitting of atomic nuclei called?

A: Nuclear Fission

Q19: Who invented the light bulb in 1879

A: Thomas Edison 

Q20: The University of Haiti is located in what capital city?

A: Port Au Prince

Q21: What cookie company makes “Chips Ahoy!” cookies?

A: Nabisco

Q22: The ancient Egyptian writing system was called what? 

A: Hieroglyphics

Q23: Which language is the most widely spoken in South America? 

A: Spanish

Q24: What nation does the island of Okinawa belong to?

A: Japan

Q25: What organ does a deer lack that nearly all other mammals have?

A: Gallbladder

Q26: What are the three branches of the United States government?

A: Legislative, judicial, and executive

Q27: Raul Castro is currently serving as the First Secretary of what Cuban political party?

A: The Communist Party of Cuba

Q28: Which war was fought between the north and south regions in the United States?

A: The Civil War

Q29: What chemical found in plants uses photosynthesis to turn sunlight into energy?

A: Chlorophyll 

Q30: Italy, Japan, and Germany’s alliance was called what during WWII?  

A: The Axis of Evil

Q31: To what British politician was Princess Diana directly related?

A: Winston Churchill

Q32: Which continent is the least populated?

A: Antarctica

Q33: What does the zygote form once it starts mitosis?

A: An embryo

Q34: What city was the first to be attacked by an atomic bomb? 

A: Hiroshima 

Q35: Chartreuse is a color between what one primary color and what one secondary color?

A: Yellow and green

Q36: Life-size terracotta warriors of the Qin Dynasty were discovered in what country?

A: China 

Q37: What are the first ten amendments to the Constitution called?

A: The Bill of Rights

Q38: What is the largest animal in the world?

A: Blue whale

Q39: What color is Sesame Street’s Elmo?

A: Red

Q40: Who is currently the richest person in the world (as of 2020)?

A: Jeff Bezos

Q41: Algeria gained independence in 1962 from which European country?

A: France

Q42: The Battle of Gettysburg was fought in which war?

A: The Civil War

Q43: Which word contains a long vowel sound in the following sentence? “Dogs like tennis balls.”

A: Like

Q44: A common type of radio wave is referred to as VHF. What do the letters VHF stand for?

A: Very high frequency

Q45: Julius Caesar was the emperor of what empire?

A: The Roman Empire

Q46: Which one of these is a mammal: a seahorse, a sea lion, or a sea urchin?

A: Sea lion

Q47: What is Rosa Parks most famous for? 

A: Refusing to give her seat up in the front of the bus.

Q48: The first fireworks were invented in the 7th century in what country?

A: China

Q49: How many teaspoons are in five tablespoons?

A: 15

Q50: Name the American president on the half dollar coin who was assassinated in 1963. 

A: John F. Kennedy