Valentine’s Day Trivia

20 questions and answers pertaining to the number one day for giving flowers

Q1: The symbol of Valentine’s Day is Cupid, who is the son of what Roman God? 

A: Venus, the Roman God of love and beauty

Q2: 73% of flowers for Valentine’s Day are purchased by men in the United States, but of the women who purchase flowers for Valentines Day, 16% of purchase flowers for whom?

A: Themselves 

Q3: The origin of Valentine’s Day is traced back to Lupercalia, an ancient Roman celebration, that was held on what day?

A: February 15th

Q4: According to the 2018 census, 125 people live in a small town called Valentine, which is located in what state?

A: Texas 

Q5: Conversation hearts were originally created in the 1800s, but they were not candy. What was their purpose instead?

A: Medicinal lozenges 

Q6: What state produces about 60% of all roses in the United States?

A: California 

Q7: It is a Welsh tradition to make and give wooden spoons with symbols carved into them to represent unlocking your heart for another person. What are these symbols? 

A: Keys and/or keyholes

Q8: Galentine’s Day became a popular celebration due to what television program in 2010?

A: Parks and Recreation 

Q9: Up until the 15th century, love hearts were not associated with feelings of love, but rather with what brain function?

A: Memory

Q10: The first Valentine’s Day heart-shaped candy box was created in the 1800s by the founder of what cocoa and chocolate company?

A: Cadbury  

Q11: People in what profession receive more Valentine’s Day cards than any other group?

A: Teaching

Q12: In 1537, the king of England named February 14th the holiday of St. Valentine’s Day. Who was the king at that time?

A: King Henry VII

Q13: Each year on Valentine’s Day, thousands of cards are sent to what fictional Shakespeare character in Verona?

A: Juliet

Q14: Valentine’s chocolate boxes typically contain a variety of flavored chocolates, but one flavor in particular tends to be the favorite of most Americans. What is this flavor?

A: Caramel 

Q15: Just as the state produces more roses than any other in the U.S., California also has more chocolate producers than any other state, with a whopping 137 chocolate makers. What state comes in second in terms of chocolate artisans?

A: Pennsylvania 

Q16: 50 million roses are given annually on Valentine’s Day because this a favorite flower of whom?

A: Venus

Q17: Average American spending on Valentine’s Day gifts has more than doubled to $1.7 billion in 2020 in one specific retail category since 2010. Who are these gifts for?

A: Pets

Q18: During what century was the first Valentine’s Day card on record given?

A: The 15th century (1400s)

Q19: Instead of tangible Valentine’s Day gifts, like candy or flowers, consumers aged 18-34 are more likely to give and would rather receive what kind of gifts?

A: Experiences, like tickets to concerts or sporting events 

Q20: Xs and Os weren’t always representative of hugs and kisses. In the Middle Ages, when many people couldn’t read or write, the X was used in contractual agreements instead of what?

A: Signatures