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Life at the Winery


Life at the Winery

…Intro to Life at the Winery…

By Heather McGrail of McGrail Vineyards & Winery

Every day something new happens in our exciting and crazy industry. One day, we are examining our vineyard to see how much life is left, deciding when we will rip out parts of the vineyard, and begin the five-year-long journey through replanting until grapes produce again. The next day, we are tasting through thirty barrels to begin our blending process. Once we have cleaned up from tasting, spitting, and climbing ladders, we get all dressed up and head to the city to pour at our favorite fundraising event. Life at the winery is different every day. Some parts are more exciting than others, but they are all important and are all part of the process of keeping this winery and tasting room moving. On a regular day, we open the doors, take a look at the view outside our tasting room, and start opening wine to share with you. Those are our favorite days.

To learn all things wine, please check back often. We are excited to get to share more with you in the future through our blog!

  • Patty van Looy

    Dear Laina,
    Thank you for writing such an interesting blog. I loved reading about how prohibition impacted the Livermore Valley vineyards!

    I really appreciate you taking the time to share a bit of local history. You are a talented writer, and I look forward to reading your future blogs!


  • Eleanor Thomas

    We made Laina’s lavender syrup and drank her gin cocktail with the Gracie Bubbles – it was lovely :-). Really enjoyed that blog Laina 🙂

  • Steve Pate

    Really enjoyed the interview with Mark :-). Excellent wines, such a nice guy, and we love to hear him play too!

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