Varietal-Specific Riedel Seminar with McGrail Wine

Friday, Jan 31, 2020

6:30pm – 8:30pm

Join Susan Dubrow from Riedel, to taste several McGrail wine varietals. Each wine will be chosen to highlight both the depth of the wine and the ability of the Riedel glassware to reveal its individual character. We’ll discuss the principles of wine tasting and appreciation, the relationship between each wine’s bouquet, texture, flavor, and finish (what the Riedels call “the message” of the wine), and the influence of wine glass architecture on the experience and character of each varietal.


Best of all, each attendee will leave with a set of varietal-specific Riedel Performance Wine Tasting glasses (a $118 value).


$75/guest -OR-  $65/wine club member

Event Location

McGrail Vineyards and Winery
5600 Greenville Road
Livermore, California, 94550

Event Fees

Guest Ticket
$ 75.00
Wine Club Member Ticket
$ 60.00