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Wines By the Glass Menu

Wines By the Glass Menu

We currently have five delicious wines available by the glass! Our Wines By the Glass Menu includes detailed descriptions of each wine, as well as bottle pricing, in case a bottle seems like the way to go!

2019 Kylie Ryan Rosé


Our 2019 Kylie Ryan Rosé is a bleed-off of 1/3 Merlot, 1/3 Malbec, and 1/3 Cabernet Sauvignon. Ten percent of this refreshing dry Rosé was fermented in experienced red wine barrels, while the remaining wine was fermented in stainless steel. This wine has a bit of rose petal and an abundance of fruit on the nose, including strawberry, banana, cherry, and white peach. On the palate there is a round mouthfeel with hints of vanilla, honeysuckle, citrus, and bubblegum. Pair this wine with a spicy Thai food or a grapefruit and burrata salad.

BOTTLE: $25 – retail | $21.25 – 15% discount | $20 – 20% discount

2019 Peyton Paige Sauvignon Blanc


Our Peyton Paige Sauvignon Blanc is slightly effervescent and a lovely pale gold. The 2019 vintage is the first to have ever been sourced exclusively from our Lucky 8 Vineyard on Tesla Road in Livermore. The grapes were hand-sorted, and whole-cluster-pressed, with 90% fermenting in a stainless steel tank and 10% fermenting in experienced French oak barrels. The bouquet has notes of honeysuckle, honeydew melon, pineapple, vanilla, gooseberry, and just a touch of white pine and jalapeño. The flavors on the palate are complex, with grapefruit, lychee, red apple, pear, mango, white peach, lemon, lime, and a hint of fresh-cut basil. The finish leaves you with a bit of a zingy, lingering lemon peel, but an unexpected creamy mouthfeel. Pair this wine with a delicious mango salsa, mushroom risotto, or yellow Thai curry.

BOTTLE: $25 – retail | $21.25 – 15% discount | $20 – 20% discount

2018 McGrail Family Chardonnay


The 2018 McGrail Family Chardonnay was barrel-fermented and aged sur lie for six months. Only 70% of this wine went through malolactic fermentation, which allows the fruit to shine through, but also gives the wine its creamy mouthfeel. Our Chardonnay is light straw yellow with notes of citrus, green apple, and white peach. This smooth Chardonnay is an example of a Classic California Chardonnay. It hits the palate with cream, butter, and toasty vanilla, while the subtle fruit notes still linger in the background. There is a soft and delicate finish that leaves just the right amount of butterscotch, tropical fruit, and toasty oak flavors. Enjoy this wine with garlic shrimp and butter polenta or pair it with grilled nectarines and vanilla ice cream on cream biscuits.

BOTTLE: $30 – retail | $25.50 – 15% discount | $24 – 20% discount

2017 Shamus Patrick Red Blend


Our Shamus Patrick Red Blend consists of all five Bordeaux varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon from McGrail Vineyards, Malbec from our Lucky 8 Vineyard on Tesla Road, Cabernet Franc from Sacchau Vineyard, Petite Verdot from Smith Vineyard on Wetmore Road, and Merlot from Lucky 8 Vineyard. The wines were blended prior to being barrel-aged for 19 months in a combination of new and experienced American, French, and Hungarian oak. We believe our Shamus Patrick is exemplary of a California Bordeaux-style Red Blend. This wine has a beautiful opaque, deep red color. The explosion of dark fruit and violet on the nose invokes a warm, fuzzy feeling. The fruity aromas are matched by the earthiness on the palate. Notes of toasty cocoa, licorice, and plum can be found at the finish. This jammy wine is complex with balanced acidity and silky tannins. Enjoy it with garlic, rosemary roast lamb or sage pork chops.

BOTTLE: $46 – retail | $39.10 – 15% discount | $36.80 – 20% discount

2016 McGrail Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve


Our 2016 McGrail Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve is our flagship wine and the very first wine we ever made. When we first started making wine, we promised ourselves we would perfect this wine before we started producing anything else. In 2012, the 2008 vintage won the Red Sweepstakes at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, essentially stating it as being the best red wine in the United States that year. Since then, we’ve won at least a gold medal for every prior vintage of this wine at that competition, which makes us think we’ve done a pretty good job at perfecting this wine. Our winemaker believes in using a “spice rack” to create this complex Cabernet, as we blend together different barrels (about 1/3 of each French, American, and Hungarian oak), after this Cab has been aged for about 33 months. Approximately 70% of the oak is new each vintage, but every single vintage has been composed of 100% Cabernet Sauvignon clones 8 and 15 from our estate vineyard. This opulent wine opens with spicy clove, dark cherry, coffee, caramel, and toasty vanilla. The palate is equally impressive with density, great structure, and notes of blackberry, anise, and a hint of tobacco. Bold tannins frame the full-bodied mouthfeel of this classic Cabernet, leaving a lingering impression of fruit and spice.

BOTTLE: $58 – retail | $40.80 – 15% discount | $38.40 – 20% discount

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