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Celtic Series

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Celtic Series

Our Celtic Series is four Cabernet based red blends from the 2018 vintage and all produced from our Lucky 8 Vineyard.  Founder, Jim McGrail, proudly boosted his Irish heritage and in honor of our late founder, we produced a whole new collectors series of wines around 4 different Celtic symbols.  The larger picture of the 4 bottles together is a vineyard scene with an Owl over the vineyard. The owl is an important part of our sustainability efforts in the vineyard here at McGrail. Owls deter gophers and mice, and gophers and mice tend to eat the roots of vines and kill them, so rather than spraying a ton of pesticides, we invite owls into the vineyard with owl boxes. Each individual label has an Irish symbol and name of the symbol to pay homage to our Irish roots:


2018 The Tree of Life - Cab and Merlot 

The Tree of Life, an ancient Celtic symbol, represents longevity and wisdom, as its sturdy roots permeate the earth and its branches extend toward the sky. May you raise your glass in the conviviality of staying rooted, while reaching for the stars! 

2018 The Celtic Knot - Primarily Cabernet 

The Celtic Knot represents eternal love and family. Family is at the core of everything we do here at McGrail Vineyards. For the McGrail family, the Celtic Knot Cabernet Sauvignon represents love for our great founder, Jim McGrail, as the second wine of our Celtic Symbol Series, paying homage to our Irish roots.  May you raise your glass with your family and make great memories to share.  Primarily Cabernet Sauvignon, you will find notes of dark cherry, cassis, and tobacco in the Celtic Knot. This wine will age beautifully for 10 years.

2018 The Dara Knot - Petit Verdot with Cabernet  

The Dara Knot is derived from the Irish word “doire,” meaning “oak tree.” It represents the oak tree’s roots and the ways in which they intertwine, seemingly without a beginning or an end. The ancient Celts, who revered nature, especially honored the sacred oak tree. There is no singular design for the Dara Knot, but in all forms it represents unwavering strength. The Dara Knot is the third wine in a series of four symbolic Celtic labels that pay homage to the McGrail family’s Irish heritage and, for this particular wine, value of strength. 

2018 The Celtic Cross - Cab Franc, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot 

Each of the quadrants of the ancient Celtic cross hold significance, though there are numerous variations of that significance. For the McGrail family, the fourth wine of our Celtic Symbols Series, the Celtic Cross, represents the seasons, the varietals, and honors Rachel “Cross” McGrail, Jimmy’s wife and the only daughter-in-law to Jim and Ginger McGrail.


Enjoy a 6 pack bundle including (2) Celtic Knots, (2) Celtic Cross, (1) Tree of Life, (1) Dara Knot wine in a bundle for 30% Off! Discount applied at final checkout.

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