Jeopardy! Trivia & Common Knowledge Clues & Questions

A two part game consisting of 20 questions and answers about everyone’s favorite T.V. game show and 25 Jeopardy! style common knowledge clues and questions

PART 1: Jeopardy! Trivia

Q1: What is the alliterative nickname of the professional sports gambler from Las Vegas who made history in 2019 with his 32-game winning streak on Jeopardy!?

A: Jeopardy James (James Holzhauer is his real name)

Q2: What is the most commonly played Jeopardy! category?

A: “Before and After”

Q3: What former Saturday Night Live cast member played recurring Jeopardy! contestant Sean Connery, alongside Will Ferrell as Alex Trebek?

A: Darrell Hammond

Q4: What season of Jeopardy! is currently being broadcasted on regular television?

A: Season 37

Q5: Software engineer Ken Jennings holds the record for most consecutive games of Jeopardy! won. How many games did Ken win during his 2004 winning streak? 

A: 74

Q6: What is the name of the Jeopardy! category, in which the clues have nothing in common with one another, aside from the fact that they were not played in previous games?

A: Potpourri 

Q7: What goofy American polka artist, best known for his parodies of popular music, spoofed Merv Griffin’s game show with his “I Lost on Jeopardy” song in 1984?

A: “Weird Al” Yankovic

Q8: How many Emmys has Jeopardy! won over the years?

A: 30 (this is a record for game shows!)

Q9: What phrase is used on Jeopardy! when a contestant would like to wager the entirety of their current earnings on a “Daily Double” clue?

A: “True Daily Double” or “Let’s make it a true Daily Double”

Q10: What former Jeopardy! contestant has been slated as the interim Jeopardy! host upon Alex Trebek’s death?

A: Ken Jennings

Q11: What is the alliterative name of the 1976 American television show, in which contestants, locked in isolation booths, would solve clues to win cash prizes, that Alex Trebek hosted prior to Jeopardy!?

A: Double Dare

Q12: During regular television broadcasting, Pat Sajak and this female co-host of Wheel of Fortune are typically preceded by its sister show, Jeopardy!.

A: Vanna White

Q13: The Jeopardy! category “Potent Potables” contains clues relating to what?

A: Alcoholic beverages 

Q14: How many episodes of Jeopardy! are typically filmed in one day?

A: Five—yes, that means Alex Trebek changed his suit five times a day during filming

Q15: American people are more likely to write a New York Times bestseller than be accepted as a contestant on Jeopardy! What is the acceptance rate of the show?

A: Between 0.4% and 0.5% (either answer is acceptable)

Q16: During what year was Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek born?

A: 1940

Q17: The Jeopardy! theme song was first written and played by the show’s creator, Merv Griffin on a piano gifted to him by this Oscar-winning actor.

A: Marlon Brando

Q18: How many weeks of the year do new Jeopardy! episodes air?

A: 46

Q19: Jeopardy! is taped on the same studio lot as this 1939 film, which was famously filmed partly in technicolor and partly in black and white.

A: The Wizard of Oz

Q20: Who holds the record for most cash won by a single Jeopardy! contestant?

A: Brad Rutter (he won over $4.5 million)

PART 2: Common Knowledge Jeopardy! Clues & Questions

Clue 1: He was the second president of the United States.

Q: Who is… John Adams?

Clue 2: They’re not nuts at all—they’re actually crunchy vegetables from the swamp.

Q: What are… water chestnuts?

Clue 3: In this film, Harrison Ford’s character flies a famous spacecraft.

Q: What is… Star Wars?

Clue 4: They are the organs at the heart of the respiratory system.

Q: What are… the lungs?

Clue 5: He owns the single-season home run record in MLB and was also caught up in a steroid scandal.

Q: Who is… Barry Bonds?

Clue 6: It’s the title of the most popular poem written by Robert Frost.

Q: What is… “the Road Not Taken?”

Clue 7: Tongue-and-____ joints are an easy way to connect flooring, ceilings, and other construction components.

Q: What is… groove?

Clue 8: It’s the name of a popular zombie show that airs on AMC.

Q: What is… the Walking Dead?

Clue 9: It’s where George Washington wanted to be buried.

Q: What is… Mount Vernon?

Clue 10: It’s the pen name of famous writer Stephen King.

Q: What is… Richard Bachman?

Clue 11: It’s the name for one of the worst epidemics of the early 20th century.

Q: What is… the Spanish flu? 

Clue 12: This NBA squad, which wears green every game, has won more league titles than any other.

Q: Who are… the Boston Celtics?

Clue 13: Chocolate is made from the beans of this very tall tree. 

Q: What is… cacao?

Clue 14: Heavenly Creatures was the breakthrough role for this actress, who later nearly died on a real ship, as a fictional character.

Q: Who is… Kate Winslet?

Clue 15: More people died in this war than any other armed conflict in modern history.

Q: What is… World War II?

Clue 16: If you forget what you are going to say, this animal probably snagged your tongue.

Q: What is… cat?

Clue 17: This rock band guitarist’s first name is also a popular type of beef.

Q: Who is… Angus Young? (of AC/DC)

Clue 18: This powdered drink mix was a staple of early manned NASA space flights.

Q: What is… Tang? 

Clue 19: With roots in Ireland, this sort of ring is given to symbolize love, loyalty, and friendship.

Q: What is… the Claddagh ring?

Clue 20: In 1969, this man became the first man ever to walk on the moon.

Q: Who is… Neil Armstrong?

Clue 21: With a lifespan of only four years, this is the only marsupial native to North America.

Q: What is… the opossum?

Clue 22: At a length of 4,132 miles, this is the world’s longest river.

Q: What is… the Nile?

Clue 23: This state is home to 160 of the 169 active volcanoes in the United States.

Q: What is… Alaska?

Clue 24: Although it’s known as a blood sucker, this creature can have 32 or more brains and has long been used in medicine.

Q: What is a… leech?

Clue 25: “Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings” is a well-known quote from this popular holiday movie.

Q: What is… It’s a Wonderful Life?