Celebrity Trivia

35 questions and answers pertaining to the lives of pop culture’s favorite celebrities

Q1: In 1995, who won the Record of the Year Grammy for “All I Wanna Do”?

A: Sheryl Crow

Q2: What is actor Charlie Sheen’s real name?

A: Carlos Irwin Estevez

Q3: In what country and province/state was actress Nicole Kidman born?

A: Hawaii, United States 

Q4: Kate Hudson is the daughter of what famous actress?

A: Goldie Hawn

Q5: Aside from English, what language is Natalie Portman fluent in?

A: Hebrew

Q6: Brothers Taylor, Isaac, and Zac make up what boy band?

A: Hanson

Q7: Who released the hit “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” in 2004?

A: Green Day

Q8: To what famous NBA player is actress Gabrielle Union married?

A: Dwayne Wade

Q9: What group was Nick Lachey a member of?

A: 98 Degrees

Q10: What was Zach Braff diagnosed with at age ten?

A: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Q11: What actor’s mother accompanied him to the 1999 Academy Awards, where he won an Oscar?

A: Kevin Spacey

Q12: Child star Macaulay Culkin dated what famous, Ukraine-born actress for eight years?

A: Mila Kunis

Q13: In what California city was Katy Perry raised?

A: Santa Barbara

Q14: What famous actor did Taylor Swift write the hit song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” about?

A: Jake Gyllenhaal

Q15: What state are Meryl Streep, Whitney Houston, and Shaquille O’Neal from?

A: New Jersey

Q16: Who is Suri Cruise’s famous mother?

A: Katie Holmes

Q17: In what city was Chris Hemsworth born?

A: Melbourne, Australia

Q18: Who is the godmother of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s child Francis Bean?

A: Drew Barrymore 

Q19: Which famous Hitchcock leading lady is the mother of Jamie Lee Curtis?

A: Janet Leigh

Q20: Actresses Emma Stone, Amy Adams, Christina Hendricks, and Julianne Moore all famously rock red locks, but only one is a natural redhead. Which actress is it?

A: Julianne Moore

Q21: Who was named “People” Magazine’s sexiest man alive in 1995?

A: Brad Pitt

Q22: Carrie Fisher is the famous actress daughter of Debbie Reynolds, but who is the famous actress daughter of Carrie Fisher?

A: Billie Lourd

Q23: Who was the first person to have a number one album AND a number one film in the same week?

A: Jennifer Lopez

Q24: What is Winona Ryder’s real last name?

A: Horowitz

Q25: What instrument did Krist Novoselic play in the band Nirvana?

A: Bass

Q26: What famous comedian officiated the wedding of Adam Levine to Behati Prinsloo in 2014?

A: Jonah Hill

Q27: What country is popstar Rihanna from?

A: Barbados

Q28: What famous actress was singer Lyle Lovett once married to?

A: Julia Roberts

Q29: In what Italian city did George Clooney and wife Amal tie the knot?

A: Venice

Q30: What is Natalie Portman’s real last name?

A: Hershlag

Q31: What Indie frontman did Zooey Deschanel divorce in 2012?

A: Ben Gibbard (from Death Cab for Cutie)

Q32: Ed Sheeran wrote his hit song “Don’t” about One Direction band member Niall Horan with whom his singer girlfriend cheated on him with. Who was his girlfriend at the time?

A: Ellie Goulding

Q33: How many Hemsworth brothers are there?

A: Three

Q34: What is Shailene Woodley’s real first name?

A: Shailene (trick question, lol)

Q35: What is the first name of the female drummer who is divorced from the only other bandmate in the musical duo, the White Stripes?

A: Meg (Meg White and her ex-husband Jack White make up the White Stripes)